Flash floods have killed more than 300 people in Afghanistan

Flash floods caused by seasonal rains in Afghanistan have resulted in over 300 deaths and have destroyed more than 1,000 houses, according to the U.N. food agency.

The event: Unusually heavy seasonal rains triggered flash floods which primarily affected the northern province of Baghlan last week.
* Neighboring Takhar province also reported at least 20 fatalities due to the floods.
* The spokesperson of the Taliban government indicated that significant financial losses have occurred due to the extensive devastation.

Response efforts: The government has mobilized all accessible resources for rescue operations, medical assistance, and recovery of the deceased.
* The Taliban Defense Ministry stated that Afghanistan’s air force is already evacuating people, rescuing those trapped in flooded areas, and transporting the injured to military hospitals.
* The World Food Program is providing fortified biscuits to survivors.

Human impact: Videos and statements show people searching for their loved ones and beginning preparations for burials.
* In April, officials reported that heavy rains and flash flooding resulted in at least 70 deaths, damaging about 2,000 homes, three mosques, and four schools.

Global warning: U.N. special rapporteur Richard Bennett emphasized how the floods highlight Afghanistan’s vulnerability to the climate crisis, stating that immediate aid and long-term planning are required from both the Taliban and international actors.
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