Frequently Asked Questions

Gist is an AI-powered summarizer that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and condense large amounts of text into concise, accurate, and coherent summaries. It takes NPR articles as soon as they are published and summarizes them into an Axios-style article. 

Gist is a proof of concept to show the power of Al-assisted reporting as well as news length customization based on individual needs. It means to highlight the power of technology in transforming the media industry.    

If Gist could summarize NPR articles so accurately, a similar model could be used to summarize massive court filings or government documents so journalists could cover more ground with the same resources.   

It also means multiple versions of one article could be produced at no extra charge so a wider range of people could subscribe.

We are a group of Columbia University graduates from Computer Science and Journalism schools who believe journalism is in trouble because of its broken business model. We believe innovation in the media business model through technology is the only way for journalism to survive. Read more about NewsWyze

Gist uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand the content and context of a given text. They employ algorithms that extract key information, identify important sentences or phrases, and generate summaries that capture the main ideas and salient points of the original text.

Gist is targeted to general news. It currently does not support very long form pieces, or pieces with important visual or audio components.

Currently, it is only optimized for English.

The accuracy of the summaries can vary based on the complexity of the text. While Gist strives to provide accurate and relevant summaries, it may occasionally miss certain nuances or contextually important details.

Yes, we a group of journalists review each summary before approving them. Once they are approved they are published on social media and gistit.ai website. 

The power of Gist comes mostly from the specific training it received. Gist is trimmed and customized based on the training it received from a group of journalists, computer scientists and language experts over the course of several months.

While Gist and ChatGPT use the same technology the power of Gist is in the training that it has received for the specific purpose that it has, summarizing NPR articles into Axios-style summaries.

We have our own summarizing style and never trained our model based on a specific style, however, our trainers mostly had the Axios model in mind.

Usually less than 5 seconds, but we never release them before a journalist reviews the summary. That is what takes time.

It is easy. Just fill this form or send us an email.