Taiwan holds steady in massive earthquake; Discontented voters show up in Wisconsin

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan during rush hour, resulting in deaths, missing people, and infrastructure damages; while in Wisconsin, the usual suspects win the primary with signs of discontent among both Democrats and Republicans.

Earthquake aftermath: A massive quake shakes Taiwan causing minimal damage compared to the last earthquake of this magnitude in the country.
* According to officials, at least seven people have died, more than 700 are missing, and over 80,000 people are without power.
* Emily Feng of NPR reported from Taipei that while she was 120 miles away from the epicenter, the effects were felt for three hours.
* Feng attributed the comparatively reduced damage to the significant improvement in Taiwan’s earthquake proofing efforts over the last two decades.

Political dissatisfaction: The results of last night’s Wisconsin primary show a rise in discontent among both the Democrats and the Republicans.
* An “uninstructed” option received more than 47,000 votes in the state’s Democratic primary, indicating a protest against President Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza.
* Despite stepping out of the Republican primary race last month, Nikki Haley received about 13% of the votes, signaling a bloc of Republicans still resistant to voting for Donald Trump.

Primary response: Despite the discontent, party chairpersons remained optimistic about continued voter engagement.
* Ben Wilker, chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, saw the turnout as a sign that people hadn’t given up on the political process.
* He also took the votes for Nikki Haley in the Republican primary as an indication of a Republican voter bloc not yet ready for Trump.

Gaza conflict: Israel acknowledges an airstrike that killed seven aid workers of the NGO World Central Kitchen.
* Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu termed it as an “unintentional” incident, with investigations ongoing.
* The NGO has suspended its mission in response to the airstrike, with its workers being killed in a “deconflicted zone.”
* Other aid organizations such as Anera have also suspended operations due to the escalating conflict.

New series alert: NPR introduces a series called “The Science of Siblings.”
* The series will explore the influence of sibling relationships on aspects like mental health and financial status.
* It’s based on findings that suggest sibling relationships can significantly affect our mental and physical health over our lifetimes.
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