Catherine, Princess of Wales, announces cancer diagnosis

Catherine, the Princess of Wales, has announced that she has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing early stages of treatment.

Surprising Revelation: Princess Catherine revealed her cancer diagnosis in a video message released by Kensington Palace.
* The Princess called the diagnosis a “huge shock” after a difficult few months.
* She virtually disappeared from public view in late December, leading to speculations about her health.
* Her diagnosis was not disclosed until much later after she took a break from public duties post a “successful” abdominal surgery in January.

Royal Health update: The matter of the health within the royal family has been in focus recently.
* Prior to the Princess’s diagnosis, King Charles III, 75, was also diagnosed with cancer.
* The update about Princess Catherine’s health was not given until a doctored family photograph was released on Mother’s Day in the UK.
* Kensington Palace stated in January that Princess Catherine would likely be absent from her public duties till after Easter on March 31.
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