The North Korean forced labor program supplying seafood around the world

North Korea has reportedly sent upwards of 100,000 workers, often under conditions of captivity, to China as part of a forced labor program in the seafood industry.

Exposing the Issue: The North Korean forced labor program has sent a striking number of workers to toil in the Chinese seafood industry.
* The program reportedly involves around 100,000 North Koreans, often working under conditions of captivity.

Discussion on the Topic: NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly consulted with journalist Ian Urbina about the unfolding situation.
* Urbina clarified the state of the labor program and its grim ramifications for the participating workers.

Global Impact: This labor program is supplying seafood across the world, posing ethical questions about the source of such produce.

Key Source: This information is primarily based on the discussion between Mary Louise Kelly and journalist Ian Urbina.
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