Biden says there could be a cease-fire in Gaza by Monday. Talks are still ongoing

President Biden has expressed optimism that a ceasefire deal in the Gaza Strip could potentially be announced by Monday.

Progress report: Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan revealed that negotiators from the United States, Israel, Egypt, and Qatar were nearing an understanding for a temporary cease-fire.
* The cease-fire would aim to release Israeli hostages held by Hamas and enable further aid to be provided to Gaza.

The situation so far: Since Israel launched its assault in response to Hamas’ terror attacks in October, nearly 30,000 people have been reportedly killed in Gaza according to local health officials.

Context of announcement: Biden made these comments related to the possible cease-fire during his visit to New York City, where he was attending a campaign meeting and had a taped interview with late-night host Seth Meyers.

President’s note: Biden reminded everyone that though progress was visible, the deal was not yet finalized, expecting that a possible announcement could occur by Monday.
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