Many ideas, but little agreement, over what a postwar Gaza could look like

Israeli officials differ on how postwar governance in Gaza should be shaped following Hamas’ October attack on Israel.

Background: Hamas has ruled Gaza since 2007 but after the militant group’s attack on Israel on October 7, proposals have surfaced suggesting Hamas should no longer govern Gaza.
* Those proposals, however, disagree on who should administrate Gaza and the extent of Israel’s involvement in the territory.

Different paths moving forward: Israeli right-wing ministers have suggested the migration of Palestinians from Gaza and the building of Israeli settlements, met with international criticism.
* Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, viewed as more moderate, proposes Palestinian control over Gaza with freedom for Israel to conduct military actions, but did not provide specifics.

International reactions: There have been varied responses to Israeli proposals both locally and internationally.
* The Biden administration suggested the Palestinian Authority should govern Gaza, which drew opposition from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
* A poll shows that around 40% of Gaza residents prefer a government involving the Palestinian Authority rather the one led by Hamas, with 7% expressing hope to see Arab countries control Gaza after the war.

External criticism: Two far-right Israeli ministers’ calls for the “voluntary migration” of Palestinians out of Gaza and Israeli settlements there have drawn significant international criticism.
* The U.S. State Department labeled the rhetoric as “inflammatory and irresponsible”, and EU’s top foreign policy official stated that ~~”forced displacements are strictly prohibited.”~~

Post-war Reconstruction: Regardless of the governance issue, the reconstruction of Gaza stands as a significant challenge.
* Half of all buildings in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed by Israel’s bombardment according to a study, requiring a large-scale reconstruction effort which could be funded in part by wealthy Arab countries in the Gulf.
* Yoav Gallant suggested a multinational task force, led by the U.S. in partnership with European and regional allies, to oversee the reconstruction effort.
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