Kyiv is in mourning after Russia’s large-scale aerial attack across Ukraine on Friday

Kyiv is mourning after experiencing the deadliest day for civilians since the war began, as a large-scale aerial attack by Russia on Friday resulted in 28 casualties.

The Incident: On Friday, Russia launched a significant aerial attack across Ukraine.
* Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was heavily affected by missile attacks.
* These attacks caused widespread devastation in the city.

Impact on civilians: Friday’s attack marked the most lethal day for civilians in Kyiv since the start of the current conflict.
* The attack resulted in the deaths of 28 civilians.
* Residents are attempting to recover and rebuild their lives after yet another bombardment.

Aftermath: Kyiv is currently observing a state of mourning following the events of the weekend.
* The city continues to grapple with the impact and aftermath of the missile attacks.
* Residents are faced with the harsh reality of rebuilding their lives from the destruction.
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