U.S. forces say they killed the boat crews in a Houthi ship attack in the Red Sea

The U.S. military reported that it prevented a Houthi ship attack in the Red Sea, leading to the killing of several Houthi boat crews.

Incident Details: Yemen’s Houthi rebels fired two anti-ship ballistic missiles at a container ship, the attack was thwarted by the U.S. military, with no injuries on the ship.
* Hours later, four boats attempted a second attack on the same ship, resulting in U.S. forces opening fire and killing several of the armed crews.
* The vessel that was targeted is a Singapore-flagged ship named Maersk Hangzhou, which had already been hit by a missile on Saturday night and requested assistance.

Houthi Threat: This incident marks the 23rd illegal attack on international shipping by the Houthis since November 19, according to CENTCOM.
* The Iran-backed Houthi rebels have previously claimed attacks on ships in the Red Sea that they allege are connected to Israel or heading to Israeli ports.

Operation Prosperity Guardian: Since the Pentagon’s announcement of this operation 10 days ago aimed at countering these attacks, no ships have been hit by drone or missile strikes.
* Vice Adm. Brad Cooper noted in an interview that about 1,200 merchant ships have safely travelled through the Red Sea region under this operation.
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