2 bitter wars with a long history and no solution in sight

The wars between Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas continue to worsen with no swift resolution in sight, highlighting underlying geopolitical challenges and highlighting changing global attitudes towards conflict.

Stark assessment: Historical norms established post-WWII seem to be faltering as evident in the actions of Russia and swinging opinions in the U.S.
* Author and historian Anne Applebaum indicated a shift from talking about universal values or rules.
* Russia’s actions, targeting civilians and infrastructure, are seen as a broader move by autocratic leaders and extremist groups rejecting many such norms.

On-going conflicts: The Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas conflicts are longstanding, becoming deadlier due to modern weaponry and escalating hatreds.
* In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Israelis and Palestinians appear to be moving further from a resolution, with no significant negotiations occurring in recent years.
* Harsh responses have been observed on both sides, with Israel undertaking a significant bombing campaign in densely populated Gaza.

Critical role of U.S.: The U.S.’s foreign policy plays a significant role in both conflicts; however, recent changing attitudes may affect the outcomes.
* U.S. foreign policy appears to be fluctuating more than before, with a marked shift from bipartisan cooperation on foreign affairs
* President Biden’s military aid to Ukraine is blocked by Republicans, while his strong backing for Israel faces opposition from within his own party.

Expert view: Analysts see these wars as difficult to resolve and tying closely to the future global order.
* Global affairs analyst Ian Bremmer noted that without U.S. as a promoter of global values, more conflicts may arise.
* The outcome of these wars might be far from a permanent solution, but some argue that the U.S.’s full engagement could provide the only real hope.
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