U.S. defense secretary arrives in Israel as pressure mounts to end the war in Gaza

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has arrived in Israel amidst mounting pressure for a ceasefire in the ongoing war in Gaza that has seen a high death toll among Palestinian civilians.

Current situation: Austin is set to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and war cabinet to discuss the operational dismantling of Hamas and ways to protect civilians, thus ensuring the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza.
* During his visit, Austin plans to “underscore U.S. commitments to strengthening regional security and stability, and working with partners and allies to advance defense capabilities.”
* Austin’s arrival follows a development over the weekend where Israeli forces mistakenly shot and killed three escaped captives during combat operations in northern Gaza.

Outcomes of the war: The offensive launched by Israel in response to a Hamas attack has resulted in more than 18,000 people being killed, most of whom are women and children according to the Gaza health ministry.
* The war in Gaza began with a Hamas attack on southern Israel on Oct. 7, taking approximately 240 hostages and killing about 1,200 people.
* A week-long ceasefire in November saw around 100 hostages released in exchange for some 300 Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

International response: Pope Francis and the U.N. Security Council have highlighted the Palestinian civilian casualties, while the Biden administration expresses concern over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
* The Vatican has drawn attention to the killing of unarmed civilians in Gaza.
* Despite this, the U.S. has remained resolute in its support of Israel’s goal to “crush Hamas.”

Looking into the future: The U.N. Security Council is set to vote for a cease-fire allowing for the delivery of humanitarian aid.
* However, the U.S. has already once used its veto to block a resolution calling for a humanitarian pause.
* Meanwhile, Israel continues with its combat operations, with its military reporting that it discovered $1.37 million meant for ~~”terrorist activities”~~ along with numerous weapons during a raid on a senior Hamas leader’s house.
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