The accounts of freed Israeli hostages add pressure to save those still in captivity

Former Israeli hostages’ accounts are pressuring authorities to save the ones still in captivity by Hamas.

The incident: Danielle Aloni and Sharon Aloni Cunio, along with their husbands, daughters, and other family members were kidnapped by Hamas fighters on October 7th, during a raid on their kibbutz in southern Israel.
* The hostages were released as part of an exchange for Palestinian prisoners late last month, with Sharon’s husband, David Cunio, and others still remaining in captivity.
* They described severe conditions with little food, poor hygiene, and emotional strain, especially for the children involved.

The aftermath: Medical experts reported that the freed hostages returned home with stable physical health but displaying signs of their ordeal.
* Most returnees lost 10 to 15% of their body weight, due to stress and limited food.
* Hygiene conditions were poor due to limited water availability; this led to skin rashes and lice in multiple patients.
* The mental health of the returnees, especially children, is a serious concern.

Current situation: Families of hostages and former hostages are speaking out to keep attention focused on the estimated 115 hostages still held by Hamas, among them several Americans.
* The Israeli Prime Minister’s office has revised the number of hostages believed to still be alive in Gaza, with recent estimates standing at 115, including about 20 dead.
* Negotiations to release more hostages failed last month, and Israel has since resumed its military offensive in Gaza.
* Netanyahu reassured that Israel will “spare no effort” to return the hostages.
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