Disagreements emerge over who should be in control of Gaza when the war ends

There are disagreements between the U.S., Israel, Palestinian and Gulf leaders, and activists about who should take control of Gaza after the war’s end.

Emerging dispute: The question of who should be in charge of Gaza after the war has led to disagreements.
* Various actors such as the U.S., Israel, Palestinian and Gulf leaders, and activists have differing views on the matter.

Uncertain future: The uncertainty regarding post-war Gaza’s leadership adds complexity to peace efforts.
* A clear answer to the control question is yet to emerge.

Relevance: This discussion is significant due to Gaza’s strategic importance in the Middle East.
* Whoever assumes control may significantly influence regional stability.

Observations: This disagreement is an ongoing development, and monitoring the situation could offer insights.
* The eventual decision could have lasting effects on the region, and hence is an issue to track.
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