‘Oppenheimer’ will screen in Japan in 2024, distributors say

The movie ‘Oppenheimer’, released in the U.S. four months ago, will be aired in Japan, the location of the atomic bombing depicted in the film, in 2024.

Decisions surrounding the movie: Distributors gave no specific time for the Japanese screening, or details on why they delayed or moved forward with the film.
* Tokyo-based distributor Bitters End mentioned in a statement that the film is a “front-runner for various film awards.”
* The movie has so far grossed over $950 million globally, and is noted to be a contender for multiple Academy Award nominations.

Controversies and criticisms: The decision to air the film in Japan has sensitive implications given the movie’s content.
* The film has been criticized for not properly depicting the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
* The movie’s marketing campaign, which paired ‘Oppenheimer’ with the blockbuster ‘Barbie,’ sparked outrage fostering the hashtag “#NoBarbenheimer” on social media due to perceived insensitivity.
* Christopher Nolan, the film’s director, has defended the film stating his objective was to stay true to historical facts, with Oppenheimer learning about the bombings via the radio, not through the U.S. government.

Past context and public opinion: The atomic bombings have a conflicted legacy in both Japan and the U.S.
* A 2015 Pew Research Center survey showed only 14% of Japanese respondents deemed the bombing of their country justified, in contrast to 56% of Americans.
* Annually, Japan solemnly commemorates the anniversaries of the bombings.
* In 2015, right-wing nationalists attempted to delay the release of ‘Unbroken’, a movie depicting WWII American POW tortured by Japanese captors, setting a controversial precedent acknowledged by ‘Oppenheimer’s’ Japanese distributors.
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