Police in Paris have arrested a man who targeted passersby, killing 1 and injuring 2

A man was arrested in Paris after killing a German tourist and injuring two others, sparking a terror investigation.

The incident: The attacker, a 25-year-old French citizen, targeted passersby on Saturday night, resulting in the death of a German tourist and injuries to two others using a knife and a hammer.
* The man had previously served time in prison for planning a violent offense and had expressed distress over the death of Muslims in Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories, claiming France’s complicity, according to French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

Assailant details: The assailant, who was not publicly identified, had been under surveillance and receiving psychiatric treatment after leaving prison in 2020.
* He had been living with his parents in the Essonne region, south of Paris and was born in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, a Paris suburb.

The sequence of events: The attacker initially targeted a German couple with a knife, resulting in the man’s death, before crossing the Seine river to the Right Bank where he injured two others with a hammer.
* The assailant was eventually subdued by police who used a taser on him twice.

The response: Darmanin praised police for their quick responses, speculating more deaths could have resulted had they not intervened. The anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office confirmed that an investigation has been opened.
* The attack has heightened fear levels in the French capital, still marked by 2015 attacks by Islamist radicals that killed 130 people.

Reactions: Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne expressed firm determination in the face of terrorism and expressed condolences to the victims and their families.
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