Since 2015, the world has cut projected global warming. But not enough, experts say

Current global warming projections are less than those forecasted when the Paris Climate Agreement was signed in 2015, however, they are still not considered sufficient to avert disastrous effects.

The challenge: Despite the reduction in projected global warming since 2015, the current trajectory is still regarded as insufficient to prevent catastrophic impacts.
* The Paris Climate Agreement, signed in 2015, marked a critical stage in the global recognition of climate change and the need for urgent action.

A lesson learned: The progress made since the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement indicates that international consensus can make a tangible difference in climate action.
* The current projections still point to the immense challenge that lies ahead and underscore the need for heightened global action on climate change.

Future focus: The reduction in projected global warming outlines the potential for further improvements with coordinated global action.
* The continued high-risk level of projected warming emphasizes the urgent requirement for comprehensive, cooperative action to address climate change.
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