After NATO meeting, Secretary of State Blinken will head to the Middle East

U.S. Secretary of State, Blinken, is set to visit the Middle East after his NATO meeting and it marks his third visit to the region since Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7.

Context: Blinken’s trip to the Middle East has been announced, marking his third visit since the Hamas attack on Israel in October.
* The timing of the visit has not been specified and there are no personal quotes related to this trip mentioned in the article.

Before the Middle East: Prior to his Middle East trip, Blinken will visit the NATO headquarters in Brussels.
* During this visit, he aims to reaffirm support for Ukraine in its war against Russia.

Notable details: This will be his third visit to the Middle East since the recent conflict started.
* Despite repeated visits, no further details or reasons have been given in the article for the frequency of these trips.
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