Up First briefing: Truce in Gaza extended; Texas Supreme Court to hear abortion case

Israel and Hamas extend their truce, Texas Supreme Court will hear an abortion case, and Republican voters gear up for the Iowa caucuses, among other news updates.

Middle East Developments: Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend their truce for two more days to allow for the release of more Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.
* Israel has capped the cease-fire to a maximum of ten days and hundreds of aid trucks have entered Gaza as part of the truce deal.
* A Vermont man accused of shooting three college students of Palestinian descent plead not guilty to attempted second-degree murder.
* The wounded men, friends for 12 years who went to school together in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, are still in the ICU.

2024 Presidential Nominee Tow: In less than two months, Republican voters will make their first choice of who will be the 2024 presidential nominee at the Iowa caucuses.
* Iowa Public Radio’s Clay Masters reports that front-runner Donald Trump is unusually ahead at this point in the election cycle.

Legal Corner: The Texas Supreme Court will hear arguments in its abortion ban case.
* The Center for Reproductive Rights has brought on the lawsuit on behalf of 20 patients and two doctors, arguing the medical exceptions in the state’s abortion law are too narrow to protect people with complicated pregnancies.

Charitable Actions: After the flurry of shopping days, charities call for donations on Giving Tuesday.
* Charity Navigator’s Kevin Scally advises being thoughtful and cautious in donation choices.

Cultural Bytes: First lady Jill Biden unveiled the White House’s Christmas decorations, prepared by over 300 volunteers, and “authentic” has been chosen as Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2023.
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