In pictures: emotional scenes as Israel and Hamas trade hostages for prisoners

In the second round of hostage-for-prisoner exchanges, Israel and Hamas released a total of 56 individuals, which took place against the backdrop of military confrontations and intense living conditions in Gaza.

Exchange details: Hamas freed 17 hostages and Israel released 39 Palestinian detainees in the latest exchange effort.
* Israel initially captured these Palestinians as part of its continued conflict with Hamas.

Humanitarian Crisis: Staggeringly high numbers of civilians in Gaza are living without essential resources due to the ongoing conflicts.
* Over weeks without power, food, water, or medical supplies, they are dealing with severe humanitarian conditions.
* On Saturday, the UN dispatched more than 250 supply trucks into Gaza, with 60 reaching northern Gaza, the intense fighting zone.

Temporary Ceasefire: A temporary ceasefire permitted the provision of aid and the carrying out of evacuation efforts.
* Ambulances reached Al Shifa hospital, now controlled by the Israeli army, to aid with evacuations.
* Israel announced that fights against Hamas would resume when the temporary ceasefire ends, in response to Hamas’s October 7 attack.

UN intervention: The United Nations is urging for an extension of the ceasefire to allow more humanitarian aid to reach Gaza civilians.
* The UN statement emphasized that the longer the pause lasts, the more aid relief can be delivered to Gaza civilians.
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