Pope Francis: Climate activist?

Pope Francis has been a vocal advocate for climate change awareness and is set to make history as the first pontiff attending the United Nations’ annual climate conference, COP.

Who is involved?: Pope Francis has consistently used his position to heighten awareness on climate change.
* He is the first pope to attend the UN’s annual climate conference.
* In 2015, he released the document “Laudato Si,” urging the world to take climate change seriously and reduce material waste.
* Recently, his tone has intensified in the writing “Laudate Deum,” focusing specifically on climate change.

Experts’ views: Observers like Christiana Zenner, a Fordham University professor, and Nicole Winfield, Vatican correspondent for the Associated Press, have noted the pope’s evolving position.
* Zenner asserts that “Laudate Deum” is focused, pointed, and unrelenting about anthropogenic climate change and the economic and power dynamics perpetuating it.
* Winfield emphasizes the pope’s hope to elevate his previous messages through personal appearance, his moral authority, and the urgent priority he places on climate change due to its holistic nature.

The purpose: Pope Francis’ participation in COP is intended to draw more attention to climate change as a global issue.
* He aims to stress the disparate burden on the poor and vulnerable as rich nations over-consume and do little to address climate issues.

What’s next?: The COP28 conference will take place from Thursday, Nov. 30 to Tuesday, Dec. 12 in Dubai.

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