Taylor Swift postpones Brazil show due to heat, day after fan dies during concert

Taylor Swift delayed a concert in Rio de Janeiro due to excessive heat, following the death of a fan at her performance on Friday night.

The incident: A 23-year-old fan named Ana Clara Benevides Machado died during Taylor Swift’s Friday night concert, leading Swift to postpone her Saturday show in Rio de Janeiro due to high temperatures.
* The cause of Benevides Machado’s death has not yet been announced and her body is being investigated as part of a criminal investigation by Rio’s public prosecutor’s office.

Event reactions: The death caused a wave of despair in Brazil, sparked outrage among fans and politicians, and led to accusations linking her death to the hot weather.
* Concert goers reported not being allowed to bring water into the stadium despite extreme heat.
* This incident led federal authorities to announce that free water will now be provided at concerts and large events.

By the numbers: The hot weather in Rio de Janeiro and most of Brazil resulted in record-breaking temperatures during the past week, with an apparent temperature hitting 59 C (138 F) on Friday, the highest ever recorded in Rio.
* Concert attendees described “sauna-like” conditions inside the stadium.

Response from Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift addressed the incident through a social media post saying she has a “shattered heart” and highlighted her priority for the safety and wellbeing of her fans, fellow performers, and crew.
* In an effort to aid her fans during the concert, Swift reportedly called for water to be brought to a group of people who caught her attention from the stage.

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