Israel will allow limited deliveries of fuel to Gaza for aid needs, U.S. officials say

Israel will allow limited deliveries of fuel to Gaza for humanitarian needs after more than a month-long siege, according to a U.S. State Department official.

Details of the deal: Israel has agreed to allow 140,000 liters of fuel to enter the Gaza territory every two days for aid purposes.
* Most of this fuel will be allocated to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, to power water pumps and for running deliveries.
* A portion of the fuel will also be provided to Palestinian telecommunications company, Paltel, to ensure the availability of phone and internet services in the Gaza Strip.

Why it matters: This decision comes after intense pressure on Israel to allow in fuel from various aid groups and high-level U.S. officials.
* The lack of fuel and proper communication services had halted aid deliveries, making it almost impossible for aid agencies to coordinate their operations in war-stricken Gaza.

Where the fuel will go: Fuel will be restricted to the southern parts of Gaza, mainly for lifesaving situations.
* Israeli airstrikes have focused on northern Gaza, forcing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into sheltering in the south.
* The fuel is to facilitate UNICEF’s humanitarian support by powering generators in hospitals and aiding water sanitation efforts.

By the numbers: Since an attack by Hamas on Israeli towns around Gaza on October 7, Israel’s military campaign has resulted in the death of at least 11,470 Palestinians, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.
* Communication issues due to blackouts have caused challenges in updating casualty figures.
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