More Americans are saying Israel’s response is going too far in its war with Hamas

According to a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, a growing number of Americans believe Israel’s response to the Hamas October 7 attack has been excessive.

Public sentiment on Israel’s response: The poll indicates a division among Americans regarding Israel’s military actions in response to Hamas’ attack.
* About 38% believe Israel’s response has been too much, an increase of 12 points from a month ago, while an equal number consider it “about right”.
* The increase in “too much” responses is driven largely by Democrats, with 56% indicating as such, a 21-point increase from the previous month.

Demographic divisions: There are significant differences in opinion among different demographic groups.
* Nonwhites were 15 points, and people under 45 were 17 points, more likely than their counterparts to consider the Israeli response excessive.

Alignments with partisan views: The poll revealed that views largely aligned with party affiliations and presidential support.
* Pro-Biden groups like Democratic men (59%), Biden voters (59%), and big city dwellers (53%) were most likely to consider the response excessive.
* Pro-Trump groups like Republican men (53%) and women (52%), Trump voters (51%), and white evangelical Christians (51%) were most likely to view the response as “about right”.

U.S. handling of the conflict: The survey shows a lack of confidence among Americans in Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.
* Around 55% disapproved of Biden’s handling, worsening by 3 points from the previous month.

Congressional Compromise and Shutdown Politics: The newly elected House speaker, Mike Johnson, remains relatively unknown, but survey respondents showed a strong preference for negotiation.
* By a large margin (67% to 27%), participants indicated it’s more important for Johnson to compromise to avoid gridlock.
* 75% opined that it’s unacceptable to threaten a shutdown as part of budget negotiations, but if such a shutdown occurred, 49% would place blame on Republicans versus 43% blaming Biden and the Democrats.

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