A program helps Ukraine’s veterans find sexual healing after the trauma of war

A program in Ukraine, ReSex, is helping war veterans deal with physical and mental trauma by promoting sexual healing and intimacy.

The backstory: White the war with Russia has left a significant number of Ukrainian soldiers physically wounded, it has also raised psychological issues, especially around sexuality and intimacy.
* Rodion Trystan, a veteran soldier, shares his experience of feeling rejected due to his changed appearance resulting from his war injuries.

The initiative: ReSex, a project run by Veterans Hub in Kyiv, addresses the often-ignored aspect of sexual healing among veterans.
* The group’s primary message is that life, relationships, and intimacy can continue even after physical and mental trauma.
* They offer practical guidance through books aimed at male and female veterans, which address topics such as rethinking body image and building relationships post-injury.

Impact on digital platforms: In order to destigmatize discussions of sexuality in the military and reach a broader audience, the group also utilizes social media.
* They posted a video on YouTube showing Ukrainian veterans with war injuries engaging playfully with their partners.
* Rodion Trystan, featured in the video, expressed that the provocative video garnered attention and stimulated conversations about the issue.

International influence: The ReSex program borrows its approach from the work of Kathryn Ellis, an American therapist who began her career treating U.S. veterans.
* Ellis wrote a book, Sex and Intimacy for Wounded Veterans, which has been used, with her permission, as material in the guides provided to veterans in Ukraine.
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