This Israeli general saw the horror of the Hamas attack. Now, he’s urging optimism

Yair Golan, a former member of Israel’s parliament and major general in the military reserves, emphasizes optimism and rebuilding following the recent Hamas attack on Israel.

Who is Yair Golan: The former member of Israel’s parliament was part of the massive street protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government.
* All five of Golan’s sons serve in Israel’s military.

The Day of the Attack: Golan rescued people from the site of the Hamas attack on the Nova music festival in Israel on Oct. 7.
* Golan’s series of trips to the scene involved picking up individuals who had escaped the festival, including a group he found hiding in bushes.

What Golan is saying: Golan discussed his experience during the attack and his outlook with NPR.
* In the interview, he downplayed being labeled as a “hero,” maintaining that others who “really fought the terrorists” are much braver.
* Golan emphasized the importance of restored normality and optimism, citing lessons from his father who escaped Nazi Germany.

His Message: Golan urges for a focus on optimism and construction rather than revenge.
* He advises: “We need to concentrate right now not on revenge but on building — rebuilding our nation.”
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