Israel’s military announces a brief window for people in northern Gaza to flee south

Israel’s military has announced a three-hour window for hundreds of thousands of people in northern Gaza to flee south amid ongoing ground operations.

Driving the news: Israel’s Defense Forces declared the brief window from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. local time for those trapped in northern Gaza to safely travel to southern Gaza.
* The move comes about a week after the Israeli forces initiated a ground offensive into Gaza that has effectively cut the strip in half.

Context: This evacuation order will impact around 300,000 people who are estimated to be internally displaced in northern Gaza.
* The mentioned area includes Gaza City, which Israeli forces have surrounded as part of their ground operation.
* Officials have closed the Gaza to Egypt border crossing, allowing only patients from Gaza City and northern Gaza hospitals to leave.

More Details: The Rafah border crossing into Egypt had been opened for three days for Palestinians associated with foreign countries or employers.
* More Americans were included in the list of approved people to leave Gaza on the fourth day of the border opening, however, currently, foreign passport holders are not allowed to leave unless patients are permitted to get to the crossing.

What it means: The evacuation order likely means that civilians will have to flee to the southern part of Gaza.
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