How two Dartmouth professors are addressing student questions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dartmouth College has set up forums led by Professors Susannah Heschell and Tarek El-Ariss to educate students and the public on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Setting the stage: Dartmouth College created forums to address the Israel-Hamas conflict.
* Professors Susannah Heschell and Tarek El-Ariss are organizing these forums.

Objective: The aim of these forums is to educate students and the public about the ongoing conflict.
* NPR’s Scott Simon has discussed the initiative with the professors, the organizers of the forums.

Engaging academia: The university believes in addressing significant global issues through academic discussions.
* By leading the discourse, the two professors are helping the college, students, and public better understand the complexities of the conflict.

Please note: More information on these forums, including their format and specific topics of discussion, is not available based on the provided text.
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