More foreign citizens, including about 400 Americans, are set to depart Gaza

Hundreds of foreign passport holders, including approximately 400 Americans, are expected to leave the Gaza Strip amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Background: The departures mark the first significant civilian evacuation since the start of the war earlier this month.
* A list of approved foreign citizens and dual-national Palestinians was released by the border authority, which included around 400 Americans intending to leave the Gaza Strip.

Situation in Gaza: The living conditions in Gaza continue to worsen with significant humanitarian issues prevalent.
* Continuous Israeli airstrikes and an intensifying ground campaign add to the urgency of the situation.
* Access to essential services like water, food, fuel, and medical care remain urgent humanitarian issues, as reported by the United Nations.
* Since October 7, nearly 8,800 Palestinians have been killed, and about 240 hostages remain held by Hamas.

Reaction: Calls for a ceasefire continue to grow globally.
* Human rights groups, international leaders, and left-leaning members of the Democratic party are urging for a ceasefire.
* Recently, the White House, initially supporting Israel’s opposition to a ceasefire, has shown approval for a ‘humanitarian pause.’ President Biden expressed a need for a ‘pause’ to facilitate the release of hostages held by Hamas.

Conflict toll: Both Palestinians and Israelis have suffered significant losses in the ongoing conflict.
* So far, at least 17 Israeli soldiers have died since Israel’s ground troops entered Gaza in the so-called “second phase” of the war, and in total 332 Israeli soldiers have reportedly died in the conflict.
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