Foreign nationals and ambulances gather at Gaza’s border on reports of gate opening

Foreign nationals and ambulances are gathering at Gaza’s border crossing with Egypt, in anticipation of the first group of people trapped inside Gaza since the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Hamas being allowed to exit.

Driving the news: The Hamas-run border crossing authority announced Wednesday that the Rafah border would open for some foreign passport holders to leave Gaza.
* Nearly 500 foreigners, most of them citizens of eight countries or associated with NGOs, have been listed as potential exiters by the border crossing authority.
* The Rafah crossing, along Gaza’s southern border with Egypt, is currently the only operational crossing into Gaza following closures of Israel’s borders with the territory since October 7.

Emergency response: Ambulances are waiting to evacuate critically injured individuals to Egypt for medical care.
* 81 “seriously injured” people have been identified for transport to hospitals in Egypt.
* Israel’s airstrikes on the territory have reportedly killed over 8,000 and injured 20,000 others, according to Palestinian officials.

Concerns amplifying: The situation is further complicated by a disrupted telecommunication service in Gaza.
* Gaza is currently experiencing an internet and phone service outage, for the second time this week.
* This follows a 34-hour communications blackout in Gaza over the weekend that coincided with the start of Israel’s “expanded” ground operations.

Aid efforts: Despite difficulties, aid continues to reach Gaza.
* On Tuesday, 59 aid trucks entered Gaza, the largest number of trucks in one single day since aid started crossing on October 21. More trucks are expected to enter Gaza Wednesday.
* However, Israel continues to block the delivery of fuel.
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