Israel presses into Gaza as pro-Palestinian protests spread worldwide

The Israeli military’s intensified ground operations in Gaza, targeting militant group Hamas, enters its fourth day with thousands of pro-Palestinian protests spreading worldwide.

On the ground: Israel continues to escalate its campaign, targeting more than 600 Hamas establishments and resulting in more Israeli and Palestinian casualties.
* As of Monday, 312 Israeli soldiers and about 1,000 Palestinians have died since the intensification on Friday.
* Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, is a primary target for the Israeli military.
* One Israeli soldier was killed when a tank overturned and dozens of Hamas fighters were killed on Sunday, according to IDF.

Health and humanitarian crisis: Escalating violence is forcing the evacuation of areas in northern Gaza, straining hospitals and shutting down essential services.
* At least a third of Gaza’s hospitals have closed due to a lack of fuel to operate generators, according to the U.N.
* Food and aid supply remains restricted, with sporadic shipments permitted through the Rafah border with Egypt.
* The Israeli government has approved resumption of water supply to central Gaza and allowed Palestinian Water Authority to repair damaged pipelines.

Global response: Pro-Palestinian protests rose worldwide over the weekend, demanding a cease-fire.
* Protesters in various cities including New York City, London, Madrid, Casablanca, Istanbul and Islamabad took to the streets.
* In Russia’s region of Dagestan, an airport was stormed by protestors upon the arrival of a flight from Tel Aviv.

Crisis in numbers: Over 8000 Palestinians have lost their lives in Gaza since the operation began, with the overall death toll still rising.
* More than 2.3 million people are affected and living in difficult conditions, with critical basics such as clean water difficult to acquire.
* A total of 117 aid trucks, mostly carrying medical supplies and food, but no fuel, have been allowed to enter Gaza via its Rafah border with Egypt.
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