He chose to honor his mom’s life with a psychedelic cartoon

Duncan Trussell, creator of Netflix show “The Midnight Gospel,” honoured his late mother’s life through psychedelic animation intertwining real-life conversations about existential questions.

Background: The Netflix show “The Midnight Gospel” overlays real-life conversations from Trussell’s podcast onto imaginative animated videos by Pendleton Ward.
* In one episode, Trussell’s poignant conversation with his dying mom is depicted through animation showing them die and be reborn repeatedly.

Grief experience: After his mother’s death, Trussell went through a rollercoaster of emotions becoming an unexpected grief counselor to others.
* Trussell’s mother imparted life lessons through their final conversation which he realized only after revisiting the episode.
* Trussell values this conversation as he feels his mother gave him answers to questions he now has as a parent himself.

Audience Response: The episode has positively impacted individuals dealing with grief and loss, regularly receiving feedback on its beneficial effects.
* Trussell imagines his mother taking pleasure in the widespread impact of their conversation.

Insight: Trussell’s conversation with his mother about enduring love has provided comfort and understanding about loss, affirming that love persists even after death.
* “So I think she was trying to say that to me, or teach me that so that I would have a way to connect with her after she dropped her body,” Trussell stated.

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