House to enter 22nd day without a speaker with a new nominee for the job

The U.S. House of Representatives is entering its 22nd day without a Speaker, with Rep. Mike Johnson as the latest nominee.

Key Nomination: House Republicans voted late Tuesday to select Rep. Mike Johnson as their nominee for Speaker, though there is doubt he can muster sufficient votes to win.
* The nomination process has been repeated five times this year, with no nominee succeeding to date.
* Republicans plan to bring Johnson’s nomination to a vote on the House floor on Wednesday, though previous attempts with other candidates failed due to a lack of votes.

Political Dynamics: The ongoing speaker vacancy has caused frustration and division among House Republicans.
* Some Republicans have reverted back to voting for Kevin McCarthy, whose removal three weeks ago ignited the current crisis.
* Far-right members continue voting for Rep. Jim Jordan, who withdrew from the competition last week after losing three rounds of voting.

Latest Developments: The most recent round of voting took place on Tuesday with many members absent.
* Of the 204 members who voted, 31 voted for an undeclared candidate indicating dissatisfaction with the existing options.
* By the last ballot, Rep. Kevin McCarthy was second, with Rep. Byron Donalds, the declared second candidate, coming third.

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