At least 7 dead in massive vehicle crashes in Louisiana caused by ‘superfog’

At least seven people were killed in a multiple car crash involving 158 vehicles on a Louisiana interstate, due to a combination of dense fog and smoke from nearby marsh fires, termed “superfog”.

The incident: A “superfog” composed of smoke from south Louisiana marsh fires and dense fog resulted in a huge car crash on Monday morning.
* The crash involved a total of 158 vehicles.
* Besides the fatalities, 25 people were injured, and the number of fatalities may still increase as first responders continue to clear the scene and search for victims
* Louisiana State Police are still working to notify families, investigate the exact causes of the crashes, and ensure the bridge is inspected.

Eyewitness accounts: Survivors recounted the horrifying crash and their attempts to help others.
* Driver Christopher Coll described being hit by another vehicle, escaping his car, and helping others, including pulling out one person through a car window.
* Clarencia Patterson Reed said she had to stop on seeing people waving their hands, but her car was hit from behind and on the side by two other vehicles.

Impact on traffic: The crash caused long traffic jams and led to several road closures.
* Both directions on I-55 saw congestion, and parts of I-10 and the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway were closed at times due to lack of visibility.

Other effects: The marsh fires and resultant smoke also impacted schools and necessitated the distribution of masks.
* Several schools in and near New Orleans announced class cancellations or delayed openings due to the smoke and fog.
* The city announced locations where free masks could be picked up to help residents deal with the smoke.

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