Michigan State University apologizes for a Hitler quiz question before a football game

Michigan State University has apologized for displaying a trivia question about Adolf Hitler on the video screen before a football game.

The incident: The trivia question regarding Hitler’s birthplace and an image of Hitler was displayed on the stadium screen during a game between MSU and Michigan.
* The trivia video was unsolicited from the YouTube page “The Quiz Channel”.
* The creator of the channel, Floris van Pallandt, stated he had no knowledge of MSU using his quizzes.

Apologies and actions: Following the incident, several officials from Michigan State University have apologized and taken actions.
* Matt Larson, Michigan State associate athletic director, apologized and said the university would stop using the third-party source and strengthen screening procedures for future content.
* Alan Haller, Vice President and Director of Athletics, admitted the video was not reviewed in its entirety before being played, thus highlighting a process failure. An employee has been suspended with pay pending investigation results.
* The AP reported that Interim university President Teresa Woodruff has also issued an apology, labeling the incident as “unacceptable” and pledging to work closely with minoritized communities in the university.

MSU Board Response: The MSU Board of Trustees expressed their outrage and promised to hold accountable those involved.
* The board expressed their “extreme disappointment” to both Woodruff and Haller and seek explanations of how the question got displayed.
* The board has issued a public apology for the incident.

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