9 words that helped this cancer patient: ‘You look like you could use a mom hug’

Katie Ortman Doble, diagnosed with rare ocular melanoma cancer, recalls the comforting embrace from a stranger, who said: “You look like you could use a mom hug”.

Backstory: In 2014, Ortman Doble was given 16 months to live after being diagnosed with a rare cancer.
* Her physician father managed to find a clinical trial that could save her, leading her to fly to New York to participate in it.
* While undergoing various medical tests, Ortman Doble, whose mother had passed away when she was a teenager, missed her mother’s comforting “energy hugs”.

Unforgettable encounter: In a waiting room in New York, a simple act of kindness from a stranger made a deep impression on Ortman Doble.
* A stranger, who appeared to be the mother of a fellow patient, offered Ortman Doble a “mom hug” seeing her waiting alone.
* This gesture provided Ortman Doble with comfort and the feeling of her mother’s presense during a tough time.

Outcome: Katie Ortman Doble marks her second year of being cancer free as of summer 2023.
* She credits the kindness and support she received, like the “mom hug”, as part of her journey towards recovery.

The “My Unsung Hero” series: This story is part of ‘My Unsung Hero’ series by the Hidden Brain team.
* The series features stories of remarkable kindness that have left lasting impressions on people.
* It is also a podcast, with new episodes released every Tuesday.

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