Loved ones of Hamas attack victims diverge over Israel’s war on Gaza

In the wake of a Hamas attack on the village of Be’eri in Israel, opinions among victims’ loved ones diverge on Israel’s subsequent war on Gaza.

In the aftermath: A week following a deadly attack by Hamas militants, leaving 1400 people dead and 200 hostages taken, residents of the traumatized village are waiting to identify bodies and plan funerals.
* The attack set off a war between Israel and Hamas, where Gaza is being hit by a wave of Israeli airstrikes leading to a crisis of food, fuel, electricity, and water.
* Over 4,100 people have been killed in Gaza including more than 1,600 children.

Different views: While some traumatized, grieving, and frightened Israelis are calling for revenge against Gaza, others express hope for peace.
* Dan Alom, who survived the Hamas attack, expressed an acute desire for retribution, ignoring other possible outcomes of the war.
* Noy Katsman, whose brother Hayim was killed in the attack, believes in peace and fears the long-term repercussions of retaliation.
* Hayim was a peace activist, and Noy believes his views should prevail over a vicious cycle of violence.

What they’re saying: Despite their personal tragedies, the affected individuals diverge greatly in their reactions to the Israeli vs. Gaza conflict.
* Alom vowed that after the return of two teens he counselled at camp, he wouldn’t care hasty action against Gaza.
* Katsman, however, pleads for life and understanding, emphasizing that violence breeds more violence.

By the numbers: Over 100 people in Be’eri were killed, constituting around 10% of the community. Overall, the fatal violence has taken more than 1,400 lives in Israel and over 4,100 in Gaza since the conflict started.

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