Israel Defense Forces says it’s ‘in formation’ to strike Gaza City

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have stated they are ready to strike Gaza City, with troops already gathered at the border.

Driving the news: The IDF has indicated that its next counterattack will focus on Gaza City, identified as the hub of Hamas activities.
* Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesperson, stated the commanders, infrastructure, and operating capacity of Hamas are concentrated in Gaza City.
* The IDF has allowed Gazans to evacuate to the south and hundreds of thousands have already vacated the region.
* The northern part of Gaza has been designated as an evacuation zone by the IDF.

Looking at the socio-economic impact: Gazan medics have warned that severe shortages of basic supplies could result in the deaths of thousands.
* There are fears hospitals could run out of fuel, while water and electricity are already scarce.

By the numbers: Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip have led to significant casualties.
* At least 2,329 Palestinians have been killed, more than 9,714 wounded and as many as one million people have been forced from their homes.
* The IDF has identified 126 Israeli hostages being held in Gaza.
* So far, at least 286 Israeli soldiers and 53 people in the West Bank have been killed, with more than 1,100 wounded in the latter region.

Eyewitness account: NPR News spoke with Gaza resident Haneen Okal, who expressed her uncertainty about the situation.
* She quoted saying, “Lots of people are waiting here in front of the Palestinian gate…we are all waiting, what’s going to happen? Nobody has any information.”

In conclusion: The IDF’s actions are a response to a lethal attack launched by Hamas militants on October 7, which caused more than 1,300 deaths in Southern Israel.
* This significant attack included 29 U.S. citizens among its victims.

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