Left behind, in an assaulted Israeli town

Sderot, an Israeli town with over 35,000 residents, has been largely evacuated following attacks from Hamas militants, with a few survivors deciding to stay amid the chaos.

Current Scene: Sderot and neighboring areas along the Gaza border have been largely evacuated following attacks conducted by Hamas militants.
* Survivors who have remained include a Ukrainian immigrant caring for an ill Holocaust survivor and eight construction workers from China.
* The town has been facing consistent gunfire and rocket fire since the onset of the attacks.

Personal Accounts: Amid the devastation, locals and workers recall their experiences.
* Jiang Hua, one of the Chinese workers, mentions that they couldn’t leave due to lack of vehicles and feels reassured by the Israeli forces in the city.
* Naomi Galeano, a medic with the United Hatzalah volunteer rescue service, says, “There were more dead than alive.”
* Efi Menahem, a special forces sergeant, shares his harsh experiences in combat.

Effects on the Area: The city landscape bears the scars of the conflict.
* Hamas’s rocket attacks have shattered buildings, and in some instances, decimated a police station.
* Israeli reprisal airstrikes have killed more than 1,500 Palestinians in the bordering Gaza Strip.

Response to Danger: Evacuation efforts and makeshift defense measures are in place.
* A reinforced shelter serves as a rest station for medics and warriors, providing a brief respite amid the conflict.
* Galeano alerts medics and soldiers to duck into reinforced outdoor shelter when rockets fly across the border.

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