Scalise drops out of race for Speaker of the House, leaving Congress in limbo

Rep. Steve Scalise has dropped out of the race to become the new House Speaker, leaving the Congress in a state of uncertainty as it lacks a clear nominee.

What happened: Scalise was unable to secure sufficient support to replace the House Speaker, despite winning a narrow majority in a secret ballot.
* He won the Republican conference by a vote of 110-99.
* However, he did not get the required 217 votes to secure a win amongst the full house.

The Impact: The absence of a Speaker and a Republican nominee has left the House in a standstill.
* Critical issues such as the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and a looming government funding deadline on November 17, hang in the balance.

Next Steps: The path forward for choosing another House Speaker is currently unclear.
* With Scalise out of the running and a lack of clear alternatives, the situation remains uncertain.

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