A Black Texas student suspended for his hairstyle is shifted to an alternative school

A Black high school student in Texas who had been suspended for his natural hairstyle has been transferred to an alternative school until November 29th.

What’s happening: Darryl George, a junior at Barbers Hill High School, was removed from his school due to violations that reportedly include disruption of class, failure to comply with staff directives, tardiness, and violation of the dress and grooming policy.
* The latter is related to Darryl’s decision to wear his hair in locs, which he describes as an “expression of cultural pride.”

Legal Backdrop: Last month Darryl and his mother filed a federal lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the state attorney general, and the school district claiming the suspension was in violation of Texas’ CROWN Act.
* The CROWN Act (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair), bans race-based hair discrimination. The lawsuit comes after the school asked a court for clarification on whether the new law prohibited grooming policies on male students’ hair lengths.
* Darryl had been suspended from school shortly before the law went into effect across Texas on September 1.

Wider Context: The CROWN Act, aimed at preventing race-based hair discrimination has been implemented in 24 states, with Texas being the 24th.
* Family’s representative, Candice Matthews, says Darryl, who feels scared at the alternative school, does not plan to cut his hair.
* The case is raising questions about the extent of the protections offered by the new law and the legality of punishing students for their hair.

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