Donald Trump’s classified documents case gets new questions from judge and attorneys

Former President Donald Trump is facing charges for withholding and concealing classified documents, prompting questions regarding the lawyers of co-defendants in the case.

The backdrop: Trump is charged with withholding and concealing classified and top-secret documents from federal investigators post-presidency.
* Federal investigators seized more than 100 classified and top-secret documents following a raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Legal concerns: At a hearing, prosecutors asked whether a conflict of interest exists for a lawyer representing one of Trump’s co-defendants due to past associations.
* Trump’s co-defendants’ lawyers, Walt Nauta and Carlos de Olivera, also represent other clients close to the former president.
* The process hit a snag as prosecutors objected to Walt Nauta’s lawyer, Stanley Woodward, who previously represented Mar-a-Lago’s IT director, Yuscil Taveras.
* Taveras, who is now cooperating with the government, is expected to testify about unsuccessful efforts to delete surveillance camera footage before federal seizures.

Key timeline: Despite Judge Cannon proposing a trial start date in May, Trump’s defense team continues to push for a delay.
* It remains uncertain when the trial will begin. If it is delayed until after the 2024 election and if Trump is elected president, he could order his attorney general to dismiss the charges.

Theories ahead: The prosecution plans to reveal why Trump held on to the documents.
* Though it doesn’t need to show motive to prove the law was broken, hints are pointing towards incidents where Trump allegedly revealed classified information.
* These incidents include showing a reporter a Pentagon plan to attack Iran and sharing information about U.S. nuclear submarines with a club member.

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