Controversial issues to come up in Texas special legislative session

Texas lawmakers convene for a third special legislative session, focusing on contentious issues such as school vouchers and a state deportation force.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s Agenda: The Texas Governor has laid out a range of controversial topics for this special session, advocating for school vouchers and the creation of a state deportation force.
* Abbott believes these measures will “chart a brighter future for all Texas children” and “reduce illegal immigration.”
* He also seeks to eliminate COVID-19 vaccine mandates while pushing for more funding for border security.

The Divided Legislature: The tactics and topics proposed by Abbott face significant opposition and have sparked divides, particularly around the issue of school vouchers.
* Previous attempts to pass school voucher legislation saw divisions within the majority Republican Party.
* For instance, Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) has voiced opposition to the voucher initiative, arguing that school choice already exists under current provisions.

Proposed State Deportation Force: Abbott’s call for a state deportation force to enforce immigration laws has sparked controversy.
* Critics argue that immigration enforcement falls under the jurisdiction of federal law, with Aron Thorn, senior attorney at the Texas Civil Rights Project, claiming that Abbott’s actions push a “racist, xenophobic narrative.”
* Legal challenges are likely if such legislation passes, similar to recent legal battles over barriers in the Rio Grande.

Debate over Housing Development: The special session will also address concerns about housing developments accused of attracting undocumented immigrants.
* Colony Ridge, a settlement northeast of Houston, has been at the center of this debate, with right-wing media claiming that it attracts crime and undocumented immigrants.
* Trey Harris, the owner of the development, refuted these claims and invited lawmakers for a tour to disprove the allegations.

Democratic Response: Texas Democrats have criticized the aims of the Republican-majority legislature, with Texas Democratic Party chair Gilberto Hinojosa arguing that the focus should be on public education and providing support to migrants.

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