Individual actions you can take to address climate change

The article presents various individual measures, including home improvements, sustainable eating, and commuting changes, that can be taken to mitigate climate change.

Indoor changes: The steps homeowners can take include adjusting the use of AC systems, upgrading gas furnaces to heat pumps and switching to electric cooking.
* Houses can also be protected from smoke during the wildfire seasons, and residents can learn to stay cool without an AC.
* Sustainable practices include reducing meat consumption and food waste and repairing instead of replacing possessions.

Outdoor changes: Recommendations include not bagging leaves, making use of yards by planting native plants or shrubs, and planting for pollinators.
* Individuals could also adapt their rooftops to either shield against fires or reduce summer heat.
* Options to decrease non-renewable energy consumption include installing rooftop solar panels and contemplating the impact of one’s final resting place.

On the go changes: The contribution to climate change can be reduced by assessing your mode of commute and potentially switching to electric bicycles.
* In areas with inadequate public transportation, communities are developing affordable ride-sharing services.

Eating sustainability: Reducing meat consumption (specifically beef) and limiting food waste can drastically decrease one’s dietary carbon footprint.
* Avoiding single-use items and buying secondhand items can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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