Roy Wood Jr. says he’s leaving ‘The Daily Show’ but he doesn’t hold a grudge

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. has announced that he will not return to his role as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

The departure: After not being offered the top job as host, Wood has decided to exit the show to focus on other projects.
* After eight years with the show, he stated: “I can’t come up with Plan B while still working with Plan A. The job of correspondent…it’s not really one where you can juggle multiple things.”

Context: Comedy Central and The Daily Show have been on a search for a permanent host since former host Trevor Noah left.
* A roster of guest hosts had been filling the role, with reports suggesting former correspondent Hasan Minhaj as a top pick.
* However, issues with credibility surfaced regarding Minhaj’s standup specials causing the network to reconsider.

Wood’s prospects: Despite leaving, Wood hasn’t completely closed the door on hosting the show should the opportunity arise.
* He stated: “If you’re offered the chance to host The Daily Show at any point in your life…you have to stop for a second and consider that.”

Looking forward: Wood, who began on The Daily Show in 2015 and had three standup comedy specials on Comedy Central, expressed no resentment towards the network as he vented concerns about the shrinking opportunities for non-white stars in late-night TV.
* Wood also worked with Comedy Central on two podcasts, a filmed pilot for a TV series, and three scripts that never got produced.

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