Adults have a lot to say about book bans — but what about kids?

Several children have expressed their views on the recent increase in book ban efforts from school libraries and curriculums.

Kid’s perspective: A group of children shared their individual views on the book banning issue being discussed mostly by adults.
* Sawyer, 12, from Arlington, believes banning books is equivalent to hiding information from children, making books more enticing.
* Theo, 9, from St. Louis, fears the negative impact of banning all books, as it could limit reading opportunities.
* Ellie, 14, from Austin, shared her experience about finding her favorite book, Alex Gino’s “Rick” – a story about an asexual kid, on the banned list.
* Priya, 14, also from Austin, highlighted how books foster empathy and compassion by exposing readers to different perspectives. She mentioned her confusion over the objection to her favorite book “The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James”.

Understanding age-appropriate censorship: The kids understood and supported banning books that have adult themes or excessively violent content in school libraries.
* Ellie and Priya believed adult-themed books should not be in the library for underage students.
* Sawyer agreed that books with gore and violence should be removed from elementary schools.

Handling book banning: The children suggested ways to navigate around book banning.
* Priya said she would engage in a dialogue with adults to understand their reasoning behind banning books.
* Theo mentioned he would simply purchase a new book if one was taken away.
* As a response to book banning, Priya deliberately chooses to read them to learn how voices get silenced in society.

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