A bus of tourists in Venice dropped from an elevated road, killing 21 in fiery crash

A tragic bus crash in Venice has resulted in 21 deaths and at least 15 injuries, with the majority of the victims being foreign tourists.

The incident: A bus carrying tourists plunged from an elevated road in Venice on Tuesday night, causing a deadly fire.
* The individuals who lost their lives included at least five Ukrainians, a German citizen, and the bus driver.
* A minimum of two of the causalities were children, with nine people, including a 3-year-old Ukrainian girl, reported to be in critical condition.

What we know: The bus was traveling from Venice’s Piazzale Roma to the nearby Hu campground, a common route for tourists seeking affordable lodging.
* The crash drew attention from locals, with some noting the overpass from which the bus fell had been standing for over six decades without an incident of this scale.
* The injured included French, Spanish, Austrian and Croatian citizens.

The driver: The bus was driven by Alberto Rizzotto, an experienced driver who also died in the accident.
* Veneto region’s governor, Luca Zaia, mentioned that initial investigations suggest Rizzotto may have been ill.
* The bus was electric, a factor that officials suggest escalated the fire and complicated the rescue efforts.

Eyewitness account: Godstime Erheneden, a local resident who was among the first to reach the bus, described the scene as tragic and recounted aiding in the rescue of a mother and child.
* Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro declared a state of mourning following the accident, describing the catastrophe as ‘apocalyptic’ on social media.

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