Supreme Court to consider abortion pills, guns, social media in its new term

The U.S. Supreme Court is starting a new term and will be revisiting several contentious issues, including abortion, gun laws, and restrictions on social media companies.

Tackling Abortion: Abortion is once again a central issue due to a 5th Circuit decision about mifepristone, an abortion pill constituting over half of all U.S. abortions.
* Danco Laboratories, maker of the drug, and the Biden administration are urging the Supreme Court to overturn this decision and maintain access to the abortion pill nationwide, arguing its limitation would disrupt pharmaceutical regulations.

Guns in the Spotlight: Gun ownership regulations are on the docket, including a decision by the 5th Circuit against a federal law prohibiting possessing firearms for individuals under domestic violence restraining orders.
* This raises the question of whether gun laws must correspond to historical regulations at the time of constitutional inception.

Delving into Voting Rights: Cases involving voting rights, including one alleging “racial gerrymandering” in South Carolina, are being brought before the court.
* The fairness of various federal agencies’ regulatory powers, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will also be addressed.

Reviewing Social Media Regulations: The court will also scrutinize a set of social media cases, including the validity of Texas and Florida laws preventing social media companies from removing content they deem misleading.
* Another social media case involves the extent to which public officials can block individuals from their personal social media accounts.

The court, amidst disclosures about alleged ethical violations by some justices, looks set to tackle these pressing issues in a potentially riveting term.

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