Why the Obama era ‘car czar’ thinks striking autoworkers risk overplaying their hand

Striking autoworkers’ demands might exceed industry standards and realities, warned Obama-era “car czar”.

Analysis of demands: Unionized autoworkers are asking for conditions beyond industry norms.
* They have proposed a 32-hour work week where they work four days, but get paid for five.
* Initial demand was for 40% wage increases. They’ve since lowered it to around 30 or 35%, which is considered a fair starting point for negotiation.

Concerns over non-standard policies: The workers have also asked for benefits that are increasingly rare in current industry practices.
* These include the return of old-style defined benefit pension plans which are seldom offered by employers now.
* Changes have been requested in retiree healthcare programs; proposals make these companies align more with generous rather than normal industry standards.

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