Dozens of people arrested in Philadelphia after stores are ransacked across the city

Dozens of people have been arrested in Philadelphia following ransacking of many stores in the city.

Incident unfold: A large group ransacked various stores across Philadelphia on Tuesday night, stealing merchandise in a fast-paced spree.
* 49 adults and three juveniles were later arrested in connection with the looting.
* Interim Police Commissioner John M. Stanford Jr. clarified that these incidents were not connected with the protest held earlier, over a controversial judge’s decision related to a police shooting.

Responses & Repercussions: As a result of the looting, the police increased their presence and warned of more arrests.
* The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board closed all of its retail locations in Philadelphia for employee safety, pending damage assessment.
* Big retailers like Target have been closing stores in several states, citing theft and organized retail crime.

Retail Crime Context: Large-group thefts, known as smash-and-grabs, have raised concerns among retailers nationwide.
* “Shrink” – the industry term for losses due to thefts, amounted to $112.1 billion in 2022, up from $93.9 billion in 2021, as per a National Retail Federation survey.
* These figures also include losses from employee theft, cashier errors, incorrect pricing, and more.

Reaction from Security Experts: Drew Neckar, president of Security Advisors Consulting Group, highlighted the difficulty of disrupting large-scale lootings due to their swiftness and the large number of people involved.
* Retailers have been advised to implement security measures such as laminated glass and securing high-value merchandise to reduce risk of such incidents.

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