Ride passengers rescued after dangling upside down, 75 feet up, for half an hour

A ride at Canada’s Wonderland theme park in Ontario malfunctioned, leaving passengers hanging upside down 75 feet above the ground for nearly 30 minutes.

Incident Details: The lumberjack ride stopped abruptly at 10
* The ride consists of two hydraulic arms shaped like axes that swing back and forth, occasionally going into full 360-degree swings.
* It is unknown why the ride stopped, and the cause was not disclosed by a park spokesperson.
* Passengers finished the ride by 11:05 p.m., with two people treated for chest pain and later discharged.

Eyewitness Accounts: Videos posted on social media showed crowds watching passengers dangle and call out for help.
* In one video, park staff can be heard over a megaphone asking, “Is everyone doing OK up there?” The riders responded with a collective “No!”
* Passenger Spencer Parkhouse said people on the ride were panicked and at least one person vomited.

By the numbers: The lumberjack ride contains 48 seats, and it is unclear how many people were on the ride when it stopped.

Context: This is the latest in a series of recent theme park ride malfunctions.
* In July, nine passengers of the Fireball ride at a Wisconsin festival were stuck upside down for several hours.
* Earlier that month, a 325-foot-tall roller coaster in North Carolina was closed for repairs after a fissure was detected in one of its steel support beams.

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